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Decked Builder IPA 1.11

Decked Builder IPA 1.11

Decked Builder IPA 1.11
Decked Builder aims to be the perfect companion for your Magic the Gathering hobby, taking care of everything related to deck building.

Use it to find the right card for your deck, together with pricing information so you will never be on the bad end of a trade. Keep up with the latest deck building news on the go with articles specially formatted for your iPhone. While reading the article, look up a card you never knew with a single touch. Build your deck with the latest combos to hit the scene, then analyze it, test it, and finally share it with your friends via email.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our users say:

"Love this app, has replaced all my custom spreadsheets.... Well worth the investment!"
- Jeff Warwick

"I love the app. By far the most stable of the deck-building apps on my 3G.... Thanks for a great app!"
- Tim Miller

"I'm a Spanish Magic The Gathering player (Legacy & Vintage).... I have downloaded the new version of your App. It's great... Most of the El Nucli players and Arbitrer (store in Barcelone) are already using your App."
- Marc Sanz Ghigo

The full version of Decked Builder contains every Magic card from Alpha onwards. You can try the Lite version, also available on the App Store, which comes with Magic 2011 and Zendikar block cards loaded (Zendikar, Worldwake and Rise of the Eldrazi).

* The entire Magic card database, at your fingertips
- Instant search results with no Internet connection as the database is stored locally
- Search for cards by any combination of card expansion, rarity, color, type or cost
- Searches also allow full card text lookup. Find every Landfall card, Elf, Vampire or any other attribute that has ever been printed.
- Almost every card available on Gatherer, including online only Masters Edition cards.

* Construct and test your decks, right on your device
- Build deck listings and sideboards
- Easily test sample draws from the deck
- Email decks to your friends, with Apprentice .dec support

* Read up on the latest Magic deck news to find out what others are doing
- RSS feeds from specially selected deck building sites and blogs
- News are specially formatted for the iPhone, to allow for clean and easy viewing
- Instant card lookups in the news text. You will always know what every card does.

* Integration with external data sources
- Purchaseable card prices are automatically available, courtesy of Never make a bad trade ever again!
- Card art is automatically retrieved and cached locally
What's new in Version 1.11
- Added Innistrad card set.

- Added support for Legacy and EDH format when searching and filtering.

- Added special support for flipping Innistrad transform cards.

- You can now toggle between viewing only unique cards or all cards from all card sets when browsing search results.

IPA size 9.9 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Download here:


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