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Drinkopoly Mobile IPA 1.0

Drinkopoly Mobile IPA 1.0

Drinkopoly Mobile IPA 1.0
Drinkopoly© (The blurriest game ever) is social game built to provide fun & interaction to good people in every surrounding (home,party, bar, picnic).

This is a safety fun pack for the times of boredom. Attractive task fields strengthened with 30 task cards and additional interactive mini games are a guaranty for the good times with your friends.Drinkopoly© is purely intended for entertainment purposes.

This is an electronic version of a globally popular board game that's testing your fun capacities for some time now ☺. You can play the game using your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Imitate, repeat funny words, tell jokes or simulate your favorite sex position, stare, do workout, play arm wrestling or kiss, depending on how the die treats you for the night. However it turns, only sure thing is that you win, because in Drinkopoly© everybody wins!!!

Featured funny assignments:
- Strip bar - Take 2 shots or strip to your underwear

- Bartender - You lose a turn and refill everyone’s drink

- Staring contest with the Player of your choice - the one who blinks first takes a sip

- Play arm wrestling with the leading Player - the loser takes a shot

- Say your best pick up line to any Player you chose - he/she decides whether you take a shot or 2 sips

Version: 1.0
IPA size 67.5 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Download here:


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