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Snoozerr Recordings IPA 2.0

Snoozerr Recordings IPA 2.0

Snoozerr Recordings IPA 2.0
Struggling to copy down all your tutors’ scratch work while paying attention to what they’re saying? Frustrated at having to repeatedly teach the same concepts to every single one of your friends? Too embarrassed to ask your tutor or professor to repeat something that they’ve spent hours explaining to you?

Well, the Snoozerr Recordings app was designed with you in mind!

This cutting-edge app integrates and time-links the voice data and pictures files. When students replay an audio file, the corresponding pictures of the scratch work will be displayed based on exactly when it was taken during the voice recording. This will allow you automatically know which diagram or graph your professor was talking about during a particular point in lecture or a tutoring session if you ever decide to revisit an old audio file to prepare for a midterm.

Additionally, all of the pictures are timestamped in such a manner that you can easily use them as a point of reference to navigate and target relevant parts of the audio lecture and ignore the useless parts. To top things off, all of the voice and picture files that you take during a particular session will be automatically linked together so that, when sent to your friends, you will not have to dig through a mountain of pic and audio files. Just one click and all relevant files created during a particular study session will be distributed to all your friends!

The Snoozerr Recording app is a MUST for all college and high school students! 8am classes will now be a breeze!


USER RECOMMENDATIONS: If you are planning to record a super long lecture, we would highly recommend splitting up the recordings. No matter how awesome this app is, the iPhone can only transmit so much data at once before it slows to a crawl. So if there's too much data to be sent, it'll take awhile for you to obtain the file via email.
What's new in Version 2.0
When the voice recoding is being replayed, the corresponding thumbnail pics will be highlighted. Simply enlarge the thumbnail, sit back and listen to the voice recording while watching the time-stamped slideshow of the diagrams/scratch work. This will essentially help you RECREATE the whole lecture and fill in the blanks if your mind starts to wander. There is also a countdown on every single picture slide so that you'll know roughly how long it'd be before your professor moves on to the next topic and digram.

IPA size 3.5 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Download here:


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