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RedEyesRemover IPA 3.1

RedEyesRemover IPA 3.1

RedEyesRemover IPA 3.1
Get rid of the red eyes on your photos with RedEyesRemover ! With RedEyesRemover, you'll never have to worry about red-eye ruining another digital photo!

Featured by Apple in the New & Noteworthy !

It's the perfect picture... except it's been ruined by those unsightly, glowing red eyes from camera flash.

When photographing with a flash, the subjects in your digital images can end up with red eyes. But it’s a problem that’s easily fixed with RedEyesRemover !

Follow these simple steps to remove red eye from your photos:
-Select a photo in your library, or take a new photo with the iPhone camera
-Touch a shape to select it and start working with it
-Zoom in the red eyes to easily capture the red inside the subjects eyes
-Position rectangle shapes on the red eyes you want to remove; move the shapes by touching the screen, change the shape sizes by dragging their corners
-Adjust the shape size using the slider in the settings to create tiny shapes to remove any red reflections in your eye subjects
-Adjust the touch tolerance for a easier control with your fingers
-Adjust the color tolerance to retrieve any original eye color
-Add or remove shapes to remove all the red eyes from your photo in one time
-Save your fixed photos in your library, or share them by email or on your Facebook profile

Get rid of the red eyes on your photos with RedEyesRemover ! RedEyesRemover is the perfect companion for your iPhone4 !

PLEASE check out the video tutorial and instructions before writing a "It doesn't work" review.

What's new in Version 3.1
New interface to select the red eyes with ease

IPA size 1.2 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Download here:


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