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PingPongSolo Anaglyph 3D IPA 1.1

PingPongSolo Anaglyph 3D IPA 1.1

PingPongSolo Anaglyph 3D IPA 1.1
Turn on your iPhone to the Table Tennis paddle. Feel the new emotions of the game emulator with the implementation of visual stereo, which are becoming more and more popular since James Cameron's Avatar movie

If the earlier 3D effects spectator was intended to simply entertain, the creators of the Avatar movie have managed to settle the audience into a new world for two hours and at the same time to forget about that you're looking at the world through extraordinary spectacles.

Following Cameron, we invite you into a magical world. Not into the Avatar world, but into the ping-pong world. Here you can feel the excitement and intensity that invariably sizzles when a stray ball begins to collide with the paddle. Only now, the game is becoming more exciting due to the expansive Anaglyph stereo graphics.

Real 3D will allow you to fully enjoy a battle with a little mischievous ball and feel genuine emotion. The emulator has never been so realistic and exciting.

Each movement of the iPhone affects the flight of the ball. And the ammount of times it gets wacked back by the paddle only depends on you, until it flies off. Let's see how long you hold out.
Planck's record isn’t all that great – hurry up and get on the list of champions.
What's new in Version 1.1
Bug fixing.

IPA size 13.7 MB
LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Japanese
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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