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GPS Tracks IPA 1.3.2

GPS Tracks IPA 1.3.2

GPS Tracks IPA 1.3.2
"One of the better GPS apps for sporting enthusiasts for the iPhone..."
- Bryan Wolfe, AppAdvice

Do you want to track your outdoor activities? Do you want to store your favorite destinations? Do you need to reference locations in MGRS or UTM notations as well as the decimal notation? Would you like to share your location or any of your waypoint locations via text message or email?

GPS Tracks is an ideal app for your outdoor navigational needs, it makes navigating to a specific point and tracking your outdoor activities very simple. It will keep track of your activities and allow you to easliy navigate to coordinates. It's unique in the fact that it draws a line from your location to the next waypoint and gives exact distance and estimated time of arrival to the waypoint. It will display coordinates in one of four different coordinate systems (Decimal, DMS, MGRS, UTM). It will track your speed or pace depending on how fast you are traveling. It will track your current course, give you elapsed time, and distance traveled. It also gives you your current heading and has the option to have course-up or direction-up maps.

You can enter waypoints with either the address or by coordinates (decimal, DMS, MGRS, UTM). You can also convert coordinates on the fly as you enter them. You can also edit the coordinates of your waypoints as well as the order in which they occur. GPS Tracks uses WGS84 datum. You can now select between degrees or mils for the compass measurement.

You can now plot your points on your computer with Google Maps and import them via iTunes file sharing with the KML file format.

You can also import and export your coordinates with iTunes file sharing as well as export your recorded tracks. GPS Tracks now supports *.CSV, *.GPX, and *.KML file formats.

You can store your favorite locations as well as save and review your past tracks. You can also store a picture with your locations.

There is an option to get driving directions from either Google Maps or Navigon. You can text message (SMS) or email a direct link so the recipient can click to open your location on a map.

Features -

Track -
- Tracks your location
- Store favorite locations
- Add waypoints on the fly to your current track either manually or from you favorite locations
- Add a vector as a waypoint with angle and distance
- Convert between four sets of coordinates (Decimal, DMS, MGRS, UTM) anytime
- Disable sleep mode
- Auto pause mode

Connect -
- Share your location with friends with a text message or email with a direct link to your location on a map
- Send locations to the Navigon app or the default Maps app for directions
- Import and export coordinates in a CSV, GPX, or KML format with iTunes file sharing
- Export track history in a CSV, GPX, or KML format with iTunes file sharing or email

Review History -
- View your track history which includes speed and altitude change over time and a plot of the track on the map
- Select an exact time and view the corresponding speed or altitude in the History tab.

There are many other great features

If you enjoy our app then please write us a review if you have a feature request or if you have any questions regarding the app then please email the developer at Thank you for all of your continued support.

GPS Tracks does NOT give turn-by-turn directions, nor does it tell you the best route to take.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
What's new in Version 1.3.2
Added Degree and Decimal Minutes to the coordinate conversion.
Added the ability to add a vector as a waypoint.
You can now email saved tracks in CSV, GPX, or KML format.
Fixed bug when adding waypoints from the waypoint list view.
Fixed map rotation bug.

IPA size 3.3 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Download here:


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