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Universal TV IPA 1.6

Universal TV IPA 1.6

Universal TV IPA 1.6
- # 1 in the Entertainment category on Spain Store for over 2 weeks.
- Featured on the main page of mobile


Universal TV gives you the ability to view live tv programming of some channels from different countries. No need any external hardware to run it simply requires a 3G connection or WiFi for viewing through Internet streaming channels. (NOTE: CHANNELS be automatically updated)


• You need a connection to broadband Internet. The image quality and user experience can vary depending on the wireless or 3G Internet provider.
• The application automatically detects the speed of your connection and whether the channel is available in higher quality or lower quality used for the best viewing experience.
• You can view the channels on your Apple TV via AirPlay.
• The channels are separated by categories from which you can select and add any of the channels included in a list of favorites to find them easily.
• To search by country simply type in the search bar the country name in English, eg Espana = Spain.
• When we go to play one channel and this takes over 30 seconds to load, the channel is automatically stopped, the reasons why the channels later this time may be:
- The channel is overloaded.
- Not in the current time.
- Fails to work (can report it by clicking linen report broken).
• Keep in mind that television is live but there are some channels that have a few seconds-minutes late, there are also cases in which the owners of the chain decided to issue separate programming on conventional TV through the Internet and put commercial (eg laSexta broadcast live only what suits you).

These are some of the channels offered in USA, the list of channels will continue to grow weekly, we have a huge list of channels available but we will gradually adding:

AFTV, Bloomberg TV, CBL Classic HD, Chek TV, Clubbing TV, Ebru TV, Enlace TBN, Euronews, EWTN, Nasa TV, OH TV, Smile of a Child, TimesNow, TV Marti and more…


All channels included in the application can be found free on the Internet, what we've done it all and bring them together in a fantastic application for an amazing price. All logos and images presented in the application are the property of their respective owners, we urge all owners of the respective channels to recognize that the material offered by the application is out of our servers. Please, if you have any questions, concerns or problems regarding any law, go to either the entities claiming the servers mentioned above.


• Mobile TV will consume a large amount of data per hour. If you do not have an Internet flat rate or volume of data over time the use of the application exceeds the limit assigned by your Internet service provider or mobile, you may have to pay extra for what he recommend you check before running the application to your ISP to avoid unwanted bills.

What's new in Version 1.6
- Fixed an error where you can´t select the last favorites item.
- Fixed mirroring mode errors.

IPA size 13.1 MB
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Download here:


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